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You Communicate Love

Love is always in style! When your space is orderly and inviting, you communicate love to those around you. People are naturally attracted to environments that are effective and that please the aesthetic senses. Living in a space that inspires beauty, comfort, peace, joy and well-being has a profound effect on your mood, your happiness, your relationships and your health in general. Make love a priority; and let's create a home that has endless love and joy; a home where it feels good to come back to!

It's An Important Investment

Your desire to create a beautiful space is an important investment that will not only increase your comfort but also the value of your home. I am qualified to help you make the right decisions that fit perfectly your budget, your needs and your lifestyle. I take all the stress out! Working with a designer will certainly save you money by avoiding the many, and often costly mistakes and furthermore, you will not be running helter-skelter for solutions. I handle it all to make your space a warm and welcoming place for you and your loved ones. Let's make your home be as happy as a home can be!

Hire Me For Your Design Project

My commitment is to make your life better through effective solutions to your interior design problems. I provide full service design from conception, through the build to furniture placement. In order for you to enjoy the process and end result, I will guide you, present options and recommend the best solutions for your lifestyle. My services suit both small and large spaces since I provide customized solutions. If you have been thinking about changing your current living or working space, I can help you fulfill your desire to live in an attractive home or a fabulous office. Set up your complimentary in-home consultation today!***


"Since 2006,

I've been helping people live in beautiful homes!"

Few Words From Judith

I've been helping people live in beautiful homes since 2006! I love using my gifts and talents to create beautiful living spaces for my clients by bringing positive changes to their well-being. Ever since I was a child, I have been sensitive to all elements of design; I was always doing something creative. As an interior designer, I am privileged to be in a noble and honorable profession. It's a labor of love: What is done in love is done well! I can help you design a home that is not only unique and attractive, but that meets your functional needs as well. My greatest reward is hearing my cherished clients express their most heartfelt gratitude. Scroll down to read what some clients are saying. Should you have any questions about your interior design project, please fill out the contact form or just give me a call. I look forward to helping you fulfill your dream home by turning your ideas into a beautiful reality!


My Services

What My Clients Say

  • Our first telephone conversation was positive and encouraging. We established an excellent working relationship right from the start, and have since worked together on several projects that were stimulating and, in the end, fantastic. Judith is a dedicated and attentive person who always remains professional. She provides constructive advices to her clients while respecting the instructions she is given for each project. She is reliable and highly efficient. Judith’s presence is very comforting, something I have experienced in all of the projects we have worked on together. She is remarkably humble. She is a positive and extraordinary person who gives herself generously and brings a lot of happiness with her. She knows her field very well and doesn't let herself get influenced by our hesitations and fears. She is always confident, and that is reassuring! I would not hesitate to recommend Judith!

    Jocelyne and Pascal
  • We needed help with our remodeling project, and are so glad we met Judith. There was no doubt in our minds that we were in good hands, and knew that she would meet our needs. We have decided to go on with our project using an interior designer because of the qualities that Judith has demonstrated. Judith is honest, thorough, passionate about her work, meticulous and is a great listener. When we had doubts and questions, Judith listened, was always honest with her replies and immediately put us at ease. She always asked our approval and appreciated our input. Most especially, meeting our needs was very important to her. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Judith to anyone searching for an interior designer. Without a doubt, we will hire her again for future projects.

    Mr. and Mrs Pallagi
  • Dear Judith, Céline and I are extremely happy with the results. All I can say is WOW! The bathrooms are exactly what we wanted. You were able to capture our personality and our taste in a wonderful mix of renaissance and contemporary. We even find a bit of you in this project, because you guided us through every step of the project by listening, always being available and finding the solutions that met our needs perfectly. The financial investment in your services was well worth it. We now have classic and harmonious spaces that we could have never achieved on our own.

    Réjean and Céline
  • Dear Judith, just a small note to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work in redecorating our kitchen, dining room, living room, stairwell, powder room and entrance. Your suggestions in the layout, colours, fabrics, ceramics, accessories and more were perfectly in line with my tastes, based solely on the directions I provided. Availability, artistic flair, attention to detail and professionalism are all qualities you possess. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a professional interior designer for their home. I wish you much success in your future projects.

  • I strongly recommend Judith as a designer. With her professionalism, attention to detail and creativity, she was able to create a wonderful living space for people in long-term care. By breathing new life into our facility and redecorating the spaces to make them livelier, she was able to contribute to the quality of life of our residents. Thank you Judith!

  • Please allow me to express my appreciation of the suggestions you made in terms of the interior decoration of our home. We immediately liked your choice of colours, fabrics and accessories. You were able to propose a decor that suited our tastes and resembled our lifestyle. We are very happy to have obtained your professional services and would not hesitate to recommend you to other clients. We thank you for your interest in redecorating our home.

  • We chose the services of Judith Interior Design for the decoration of our new condo. Judith is very friendly, dynamic, and professional. She was able to give us good advice, down to the slightest detail for each room in our home. She was able to quickly understand our needs, taste and style. She created an atmosphere that truly reflects who we are.

  • Judith is someone who is very attentive to her clients’ needs. Personally, I was very satisfied with her services, she met all of my expectations and I was thrilled with the final result. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.


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